Redefining Peace of Mind, Body & Spirit

“We’re beyond excited to have Healium customers experience these virtual worlds with ReVibe.” – Sarah Hill, CEO Healium

The Healium VR with the ReVibe Chair™
combines music, guided visualization, stories, and cellular vibration. This combination calms the mind and helps to reset ones perspective. It produces a mind/body synchronicity leading to the “Relaxation Effect.”

All f
rom the comfort from your own home or office:

Reduce moderate anxiety
Create a new reality with mental fitness
Experience active, immersive stress relief
Intensify overall effects by use of vibration in synch
   with Healium experiences

Experience the “Relaxation Effect”

A beautiful combination to feel the experience while using Healium Virtual Reality.

The ReVibe Chair™ from Theta Wellness Group transports you into an Alpha and/or Theta state where creative flow, super learning, and physical healing take place due to the “relaxation effect”.

The Alpha state allows a person to be clear-headed, present fully in-the-moment. They will experience a sense of peace and well-being in their mind and body that increases memory, minimizes depression, and stimulates creativity.

The Theta state is the intriguing state of mind between the conscious and the subconscious worlds. It is where the mind is capable of deep and profound learning, healing, and growth. It regulates cortisol levels (stress hormones) within the body to lower stress and anxiety. And most importantly, Theta state improves the ability to sleep well at night.

The Results of the “Relaxation Effect”


• Reduces stress hormones
• Reboots the mind
• Decreases generalized anxiety
• Empowers creative thinking
• Enhances overall mood



• Reduces aching muscles and pains
• Ease of movement
• Enriches body and mind healing


• Craddles you in Zero-gravity position
• Provides relaxation
• Allows self-care time
• Multi-sensory experience

ReVibe Chair™ comes with 3 zone Thetacoustics

Why ReVibe Chair?

After lying on the chair for a five minute Healium session, users emerge feeling rejuvenated and better connected with the VR experience.


The ReVibe Chair™ is used by Wellness Centers, Chiropractors, Universities, Float Spas, Corporations, and even for children with sensory issues.

"Adding in the sensation of vibration takes Healium to another level as it engages the full body and not just the mind."

Sarah Hill

Owner, Healium

"It has easily become one of the favorite tools of our center.”

Dr. Micheal O.

Utah State University 

Stress Relief Center

ReVibe Chair™


Product purchase includes:

  • ReVibe Chair™
  • Training videos by Dr. Dewees
  • Audio streaming capable
  • Mat with Thetacoustics (3 zone)
  • Quality zero gravity chair
  • Amplifier, conveniently fitted into tray
  • Cords to attach all electronics and accessories
  • Hook to hang headphones
  • Tray for your streaming device (phone, tablet or ipod)
    *streaming device not included

Our design fitted for most heights and weights.


  • 70.5″ x 23″ x 4″
  • Chair holds up to 420 lbs

** Shipping is a flat rate of $95 to anywhere in the mainland USA and will be added to your order at checkout.

** Due to COVID-19 there is a strict no return policy on all purchases. 

Time for enhanced virtual reality!

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